About the name 'G'

For some time it was called C, and later called G. The reason is, our first programs written in AmigaBasic were called A, B, C, D... C was the first version of this game, based on an old AmigaBasic game called "Mad Factory". The letter G was an advanced version, based on C. It was ported to NorthC on the Amiga, then to BorlandC on a 486. Later it was rewritten with djgpp and VGA. Again, another version was done with the Allegro library. Finally, this version is being written in Basic again, namely BlitzBasic.


1 MB zip file, containing windows executable
Complete Source Code



  • classic-style 2D "ladders+diamonds" game
  • split-screen mode
  • simple editor
  • crude random level algotrithm
  • some introduction levels + some test levels

In work

  • LAN-Multiplayer mode
  • Internet multiplayer mode (reduced bandwith + high latency)
  • More Levels
  • Advanced random level generator


Click images for large versions
screen shot screen shot screen shot screen shot screen shot
The title screen of G G on a ladder, looking for more diamonds Split-screen 2-player mode You think I made no good levels? The complete editor is included! Or you can try to find all the diamonds in huge randomly created levels

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